4 comments to “We are investing in killing and we have to stop”

  1. fiona kane | April 19, 2014 | Permalink

    its time we stopped killing innocent animals , they don’t deserve to die ,

  2. Elsa Abreu | April 19, 2014 | Permalink

    I can understand what this article is saying and I agree with most of it, but there are a few comments which are confusing and need clarification. When you say pounds are you able to clarify which pounds are the ones who are falsely taking money from the animal lovers to save their lives? I have been personally duped by the council to pick up my dog and pay for “mandatory” microchipping and registration !! Well the dog in question was then microchipped as a pit bull x ridgeback. That time it was ok to own a pit bull but when the laws changed and they got tougher on owning a dog of that breed things started to get tricky and more costly! You see she got out and was lost for two weeks and when I found her again I was broke and couldn’t afford to desex her as to pay for lifetime registration would be cheaper if she was desexed. Well I would’ve been up for a fine on failing to register my dog after getting her microchipped and not doing it within 30 days and whatever other charges and mandatory rules they had for owning a pit bull! She lived in my house after that and I never let her out of my sight. When she got pregnant I then got her desexed but still refused to register her as I didn’t need to have the council breathing down my back about owning a part pit bull! Unfortunately she did get out once more years later after fireworks scared her away and of course the pound picked her up and transported her straight to Renbury animal shelter where she was scanned after calling them for 3 days and then they told me they had a dog fitting her description and I was forced to update my microchip details and register her immediately or I would be fined! Well that was fine but now the council had knowledge that I was harbouring a high risk dog and I was finding them coming and checking to see where the dog was and looking over my fence like they had the right to!
    Another thing was my friend had lost their dog after being lost after thunderstorms and instead of trying to find the owners and the owners had called everyday to their local pound to see if their dog was there and they kept telling them no! This dog was easily distinctive in features and was easy to identify with his markings! After as week the pound had put him up on their website for adoption after nobody claimed him after 5 days and the owners contacted the pound saying you have my dog on the site for sale and they were caught in the act! But when the family came to get him, they charged them fees for every day they were holding him, even though they knew they had him the whole time as well as microchip ping the dog. You see this dog was a small dog and he was what people were looking for when it came to being easily adoptable and they decided we would make money from him and sell him even though the owners were in daily contact desperate to find him and bring him home! So tell me is this fair ? No! But it happens and I think the pounds that are council run should be named and shamed and we as a public should be made aware! This same dog has been lost again and is still missing from his home but the family have given up hope they will get him back as if the council are the crooks which we all know are true) what hope does one person have in their world of corrupt councillors and council laws!!!!

  3. Eva Paschalidis | April 19, 2014 | Permalink

    Pets with any ID’s or from Local councils and / or Microchips should be taken straight home, or the owners contacted to collect them, without being taken to a pound first. Then pounds could not use the excuse that they are too full and need to kill animals. No animals should be killed unnecessarily, as they all have a right to life.

  4. Mark Deane-Smith | April 21, 2014 | Permalink

    I agree with your article about pets as well. We also have a dog which was called a “pit-bull” cross. We had to pay the local council extra money for years to keep him, until they back-flipped and decided to change his breed. It is ridiculous to complain about pit-bulls, because they are just dogs like all the others. Animal cruelty is a much more serious problem, why don’t the councils spend some time encouraging the public to train their dogs and cats, even a cat can learn to stay on it’s property if you make the effort. In fact we have four cats, and still manage to control them. They can also learn to come when you call them.