3 comments to “We see cats killed at our pound, and raise you cats starving in the streets…”

  1. Catherine | February 19, 2014 | Permalink

    Council requires that for a cat to be registered it must be desexed and microchipped. That is why their statistics for registered cats are so good. The only people registering are the ones who are doing the right thing. These people may well be the minority in the municipality. Its says nothing about their “citizens” as a whole, as there are many more cat owners that don’t register their cats because they are not desexed or microchipped. I feel that the only way forward is for all pet shops to only be allowed to sell ‘shelter’ or ‘pound’ cats who have already been desexed.

    • Saving Pets | February 20, 2014 | Permalink

      I don’t even think the rate of registration is the significant factor here. We have a pound determining 75% of their cat intakes to be ‘feral’ and unsuitable as pets.

      Now, they simply can’t have it both ways;

      – either pet cats are having the litters that are entering the pound, and the intakes of untame cats should be relatively low OR

      – the cats are being born ‘wild’ and pet owners aren’t to blame.

      This idea of hundreds of ‘feral’ cats being born in people’s homes is both illogical and flies in the face of pretty much al the research available on shelter cat populations.

  2. Caren Hall | February 20, 2014 | Permalink

    Umm, desexing’s a requirement in Monash, or you’ll pay close to $150 per year for registration. With no low/no cost programs operating in the area, they’ve counted out pensioners and low income earners from registration, desexing is too expensive for many and registration is also too expensive…what do you suggest they do?
    The cat limit also sucks huge balls…The council says people are dumping cats in increased numbers…LIARS! I’ve had 11 cats living here, they were all vax’d and desexed, they all had more room to move and more socialization then those at the pound, I knew each cat by their name and could give anyone a brief run down of each cat’s temperament, but only 3 could be registered. It would’ve been a serious disservice to ‘let’ the council take them, individual itty bitty cages, no socialization, no human interaction, an injection of the ‘green dream’. Plz explain?