2 comments to “The pound who destroyed a family over $65”

  1. Scott Madison | February 14, 2014 | Permalink

    This kind of raw stupidity and greed sickens me, our tv’s are flooded each year around christmas time with warnings about pets for presents perhaps not being a great idea as the novelty may wear off and lead too abandonment, highlighting how overrun pounds are with strays etc. And here we have a loving family with a sweet young girl begging for there (well cared for) dogs back, and they are met with a heartless scumbag. How a vet who’s supposed to care so much for animals can forsake them to the pound and in all likelyhood the end of a needle, blows my mind. That money hungry lowlife should take a long hard look in the mirror.
    I hope Tammy and Patchy are ok, same goes for there six year old friend.

  2. Angela | February 15, 2014 | Permalink

    I had an experience with ‘my’ vet who I’d been loyal to for 3 years that was very similar. I had a very sick kitten they did numerous tests on and found nothing. I couldn’t come up with the $400 vet bill until the end of the week, but the vet urged me to take her home on the Tuesday. I asked the vet nurses and they refused. The vet rang me again and said she was distressed and needed to get out of there. I tried the front staff again, promising to pay my bill on Thursday. No go. The coldhearted woman repeated the clinic’s payment policy. Thursday came, and now the bill was over $400, I was away, and I sent my father in to get her. They refused to release her, saying she was ‘too aggressive’, and only I could pick her up. Furious, I collected her first thing Friday morning, and she was emaciated and distressed. She died a week later. I had to syringe feed her, but it was too late. That week in the vet clinic, on top of her mystery illness, killed her. I gave them a serve, but only the female partner responded to me with an apology. Ironically, she had never been involved in the treatment of my kitten.