3 comments to “Four dogs sheltered to death who had owners who wanted them back”

  1. Katrina | September 19, 2013 | Permalink

    Isn’t the root cause of this problem the automatic assumption (which pretty much permeates rescue) that when pets end up in pounds its because owners are irresponsible and uncaring? So the basic proposition which underlies all of these deaths is that only bad people have pets end up in the pound, therefore if you’re a bad person (which you must be because your pet is in the pound), it doesn’t matter what the pound does with the pet.

    If the basis assumption was that pets ended up in pounds because something went wrong or a mistake was made, it would change the way pets were handled.

    And $900 is an awful lot of money for someone on a limited income to raise in a hurry. Doesn’t make them irresponsible, just not well off – why can’t people pay off pound fees like all sorts of other fines?

  2. Justine | September 19, 2013 | Permalink

    The council see things in black and white and we all know life is not black and white. I don’t know who could put down a healthy animals especially if its just because a fee wasn’t paid. Personally I hate my council and aren’t they supposed to be working for their community. My council are like head hunters fining you every chance they get. I cannot believe these love pets were killed when there was nothing wrong with them other than they got out :-(

  3. Karyn | September 22, 2013 | Permalink

    This is a disgrace. I will not be giving the RSPCA another cent. They have set themselves up over the years as the official voice against animal cruelty, neglect and abuse, the power has gone to their heads, and they have lost direction. Their only motivation is greed and money. Time for a big shake up, sack the management and supervisors. I shudder to think what actually goes on behind closed doors. As a animal lover I cannot support a charity that conducts itself in this way. RSPCA You have left families heartbroken, you have killed the dogs. It is bad enough when you lose a pet through illness or accident, but to have your pet killed by the very people who are supposed to protect them would be a very hard pill to swolow. The RSPCA has shown that animal life means absolutely nothing to them. They should be encouraging the bond between human and pet, not tearing it down. Now I know why so many people take their perfectly healthy pet they have tired of down to the local Vets to be killed, you know what our local Vets have more morales and value animal life far more than that, they refuse to do it.