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  1. cj | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    I’ve got a very useful couple of words for the RSPCA:




    • Tina Reeves | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

      Why doesn’t the RSPCA come clean and get some respect from the public by looking into this problem.
      There initials are suppose to represent what the society is all about PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.
      Is there a check on how many litters these bitches have in a year or eighteen months for instance.
      Let’s face it, the production of puppies is a business and they want to make a profit.

    • Stacey Demarco | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

      I saw this posted on my page on FB.
      My group on FB has been campaigning against puppy farms and kill shelters (amongst other things) for quite a while. We know the numbers at the RSPCA dont stack up. Either do the words now apparently.
      If you need support let us know. Semantics like this kill.

      • Katherine Pranic | April 26, 2013 | Permalink


        Yes, I thank my friends Brydie and Stacey for showing me this.

        I am angry and sad to see the RSPCA sink even lower by taking such action.

        I hate to sound cynical but knowing that they do kill if they cant re-home (and in the end it’s a money making business) its as if they would like to see this continual supply of abandoned pets that are generated from these puppy mills (or whatever you want to call them).

        You have to wonder why Animal Rescue groups (that have NON-Kill policies) want an end to puppy mills. I am guessing its because they in fact would love to have less dogs in need of re-homing. These ethical groups with no kill policies are NOT in it for the money.

        You have my support.

    • Linda | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

      The RSPCA will stick its nose in where ever they think they can get free publicity and and make money. That is all they are interested in. As a registered breeder with Dogs NSW they are trying to bring in legislation that will require us to reveal how many dogs we own, breed and also have our facilities inspected if we wish to keep breeding. What makes me angry is what are they doing about the puppy farms and backyard breeders, who will be monitoring them? It is quite easy to find them as all you have too do is look at Gumtree and even the paper. Yes there are unethical Dogs NSW breeders out there, we know who they are and they ruin for the honest ones.
      It is about time the RSPCA is shown for the greedy useless idiots that they are. Why are they living in houses that were left to them in wills rather than selling them to get money for the animals???
      Three words to describe them best GREEDY USELESS INHUMANE

  2. Tegan | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Thanks for the laughs from all involved. The diagram receives an A+ for clarity. Love your blog and work.

  3. Rachael | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Go Shel! I for one would not be sad to see this get tested in court. You would have mountains of support and it would highlight for many the absurdity of the RSPCA and the PIAA getting into bed with puppy farms, dog farmers, happy fun play pens or whatever it is they’re calling themselves.

    If it comes to that, I’m sure between us we can rustle up some pretty damn fine legal resources.

    Come at me bro!

  4. Leandra Ford | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Gawd… I lose more respect for the RSPCA every day.

  5. Louise | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    So what do you define registered breeders who breed many litters but never show, nor breed to show standards as? . A number of them do supply pet shops and sell direct as well as export.

    Just curious as the definitions of “puppy farm” ” puppy mill” “back yard breeders” and “registered breeders” seems to get awfully confused at times.

  6. Bianca | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    The RSPCA are a bunch of liars anyway you put it. they try to promote themselves as being there for the animals welfare but they euthanize rehomeable animals everyday. no matter which way you look at it they are covering their own asses for inexcusable actions. they need to be taken to court n closed down for good so these stray animals have a better chance at being adopted elsewhere. E.G rescue groups

  7. Jacqui | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Hear you. When I worked for RSPCA as Animal Welfare Officer in the ’90’s’ I expressed concerns on Animal Welfare, I was told that the Chief Inspector didn’t want any ‘Animal Welfare’ people working there. I told them that didn’t make sense as I was the ‘Animal Welfare Officer. So guess what they did, they changed my title to ‘Communications Officer’. I left not long after this.

    • Kaz | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

      Funnily enough I went for a job with the RSPCA as a investigator and was told no they did not want anyone who was involved in Animal Welfare as I would be too passionate. (maybe the fact my resume showed years of security and bouncing scared them, worried I would bash the owners of abused animals)….

  8. vince moult | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Im am amazed that this organisation (RSPCA) is trying to change the definition of farms to meet its own ends…. a farm farms what it says it farms… somehow I think the breeders and RSPCA are sleeping in the same bed…

  9. Olivia | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Lets hope the RSPCA have more pressing things to spend their money on, like targeting these ‘puppy fun zones’ and finding ways of closing them down for good, instead of spending MY money on wasted legal costs. Please continue to bring to our attention to anything new in this game of semantics. And thank you for caring.

  10. Anne Grice | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Typical of the RSPCA. You should be focusing on improving the lives of suffering animals and remove them out of these despicable “puppy farms” which is the term used by the RSPCA instead of defending what is so obvious. It would be beneficial if you could put this effort into supporting the people who are tying to improve animal welfare.

  11. Nancy Anderson | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    I think you are trying to make a point: that puppy farms are bad places.

    But sarcasm does NOT help you make that point.

    Try being direct and honest about the harm that puppy farms bring about.

    • savingpets | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

      Nope – you’d be wrong. What this post is *actually* about the RSPCA threatening to sue me because I questioned the appropriateness of their relationship with the PIAA.

      The realities of the cruelty of puppy farms are well documented. Both here, and on even less sarcastic channels.

    • Really | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

      I think the nature of what has been asked of Saving Pets, by the RSPCA, requires it to be broken down into little bits to show how the RSPCA are wanting to conveniently change their words and relationship with the PIAA who DO accept puppy farmers to be registered with them. Where RSPCA have previously had a public campaign against puppy farmers. A shameful back flip by the RSPCA and no somatic slanging match is going to change the truth

  12. Gary Innes | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    I would not take a DOG to the RSPCA!!

    Absolute Morons and “Mental Bankrupts” if they think their doublespeak and posturing waffle will convince any thinking person that they know what they are doing and that they are for the welfare of the animals for the RIGHT reasons!

  13. Jan Bartlett | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    The RSPCA has now stooped to an all time low. Their focus has turned from being an animal welfare organisation to being a money making enterprise all on the back of unsuspecting and naive animal lovers.. The “Million Paws Walk” should have a name change to the “Million Flaws Walk”.
    Thank you Shell for bringing their duplicity to the fore.

  14. jenny | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Good grief. You know they’re worried when they wheel out the lawyers to send a nasty letter. Why, I wonder, do they form these alliances, approve pig farmers, barn eggs etc, then get upset when they are criticised for it? Two words, RSPCA: Heat. Kitchen.

  15. olimpia marina | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    I have been disapointed by RSPCA…I called to let them know about dog fighting taking place at the Gap Bondi Beach…….I was informed it takes place late night…They never responded…..I also asked them to sign a petition to help dogs in Romania……No respons…I would never take a dog to RSPCA

  16. Marg | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    I thought the RSPCA was to protect not exploit. They are shameful.

  17. Lynda | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Gosh I too have had some double standards with my local branch and I will not use the ‘approved logo’ to name and shame. One minute an inspector is supporting us with dumped animals and then he is basically letting the perpetrators family know exactly where we live. Consequently we received texts, phone calls, Facebook messages and threats from those involved and two of our animals died very suspiciously when we were away.

  18. Brian Edwards | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Someone should look into getting the palace to remove the royal patronage. That should upset the preening poseurs.

  19. Jo | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Thank you so much for clarifying the rspca’s (lower case is deliberate) support of happy puppy play zones rather than puppy farms as I was so confused previously. The puppies and parents that are over bred multiple times a year will be so much happier in their cages (with lack of human and pack contact) knowing that their prison cells have a new fancy title. I wonder how much of the publics generous donations were spent on rspca lawyers on meetings and in writing that letter to you. It would have been foreign to them to actually use those donations to help all creatures great and small in actual need. Jacqui, im so glad that the rspca helped you see that your job title of Animal Welfare Officer didnt require you to partake in animal welfare… If it wasnt so appallingly ludicrous and typical of them i would have been on the floor laughing.

  20. Robyne | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    The very reason I no longer contribute to the RSPCA – well said. Everytime I go into a pet shop to complain about them selling puppies they say the same thing….”Oh we only get them from approved breeders” – riiiiight! I say ….a puppy farm that has approval …an interesting concept…they FARM animals! The RSPCA are such hypocrites.

  21. Naomi Radunski | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    Thank you for publishing this, Saving Pets – valiant action and intelligent response by you. You are at the vanguard of a rising tide of people who want the RSPCA to account for themselves. People are offended by their behaviour. Your work is outstanding and if they pursue you legally then you will have NO problem raising a significant number of citizens in your support – in real terms as well as morally.
    Thanks again.

  22. Brenda May | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    I too am disappointed by the actions of the RSPCA, I will follow you with great interest!

  23. karen | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    RSPCA has lost my support. Their definition of a play zone is nothing more then a puppy farm

  24. Natalie Ciric | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    RSPCA is self governed. What more to say! Time for change. We need another body that works in the interest of animals replacing this mob. I would only ever trust vegans to run an animal organization.

  25. Carol Cornish | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    And here we go again with more of the RSPCA bullshit.

    What happened to the days of “caring for all creatures great & small “?

    RSPCA makes me sick and I truly hope one day, sooner than later, the government opens their eyes to these money making bastards and closes down every RSPCA and gives their millions of dollars government grants to rescue groups who DO CARE FOR ALL CREATURES GREAT & SMALL.

    RSPCA will never have my support ever!!

  26. Angela | April 25, 2013 | Permalink

    I am right behind you Saving pets…Regardless of whether or not a ‘Happy Puppy Play Zone’ is registered under a PIAA agreement, it is still a place where dozens of puppies are being bred for sale..We just do not need so many animals flooding the market when there are still so many dying in pounds or being re-homed through animal rescue…These ‘breeders’ don’t give a damn about the health of their dogs, nor do they care about any defects they may be breeding in as well…A PIAA agreement is not going to stop any of that and I doubt if the RSPCA cares about it either…

  27. timothy L | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    As someone who has worked in aminal shelters these so called farms are detrimaental to the aminals housed there we have raided one of these farms before and it is anything but a farm but consntration camp for these animals anyone that endorses oin one form or another should be shamed if not taken out behind a wood shed and shown what for

  28. Wanda Robinson | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    I quit sending any monies to the ASPCA, PETA, and all the ones that misconstrue what it is that they truly do..I stopped supporting all of the higher ups in animal welfare positions, no more Mercedes payment from me :)
    I give my money only to reputable organizations that actually help all of our 4 pawz friends!!

  29. Wanda Robinson | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    I quit sending any monies to the ASPCA, PETA, and all the ones that misconstrue what it is that they truly do..I stopped supporting all of the higher ups in animal welfare positions, no more Mercedes payment from me :) I give my money only to reputable organizations that actually help all of our 4 pawz friends!!

  30. rob everett | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    Just wondering what kick backs RSPCA are getting from these puppy farms? What are they getting for approval they make think that they can pull the wool over the publics eyes well guess again we know whats going on and they will be held accountable for their actions. Being a active volunteer in a local non kill animal rescue and adoption shelter we see what the general public don’t

  31. karin nelson | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    RSPCA should not be approving ANY breeding facilities. When animals are used as a commodity, they lose and become the object of human greed. Their best interests are not at the forefront. It’s that simple.
    I’ve gotten the political doublespeak reply letters to various ones I’ve written and they are always lamely trying to defend their position. A society that advocates for the prevention of cruelty to animals cannot approve of dog breeding while so many dogs are euthanized! Period!

    • karin nelson | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

      p.s – I wrote AGAIN to the RSPCA advising that they should not approve of ANY breeding facilities. (Essentially what is in my letter above)

  32. Irishwolfhound | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    The RSPCA also play up on the “sob” stories of the animals that are inured, or mistreated to their own advantage.Poor “Bob the dog” who was shot in the head in Bunbury last year, was milked literally to death. He had to be put down eventually. They are milking many other animals they they have “rescued”, while not one mention of all the dogs that they put down.

  33. Debbie, | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    The lost dogs home would have to be the worst, most evil, money hungry, animal hating organisation around, but the rspca would be a close 2nd. Funny how corrupt these 2 organisations have become, and THEY receive huge government funding. They have the highest ‘kill’ statistics of healthy, rehomable companion animals, whilest the rescue groups are ‘no kill’ and don’t get any funding. The only thing the rspca have over the lost dogs home is that they actually made Hugh Wirth shut his big mouth and they stopped backing BSL. But I’m sure they only did this out of concern for their reputation rather than concern for the disgraceful cruelty of this horrendous legislation. If only the LDH could silence that evil little nazi Graeme Smith who took over from Wirth as the fuel behind the BSL fire attacking innocent Victorian dogs and their families. But Smith’s making money out of it. These 2 organisations are big business, not charities. They both need to be shut down and all their money could be poured into the REAL animal welfare groups. There are so many wonderful, selfless rescue groups out there who are all doing it really tough and yet still managing to make more of a difference to animal welfare than these 2 organisations who are basically both just in it for the money. I lost all respect for the rspca in the 70’s when, as a child, I watched horrified as footage on the news showed them, led by Hugh Wirth, marching through a dingo sanctuary, shooting everything in sight. They said the dingoes were ‘underweight’. But as all the dingo experts said,” It’s the breeding season and the males always tend to lose a bit of weight at this time”. I never forgot the look of power,self importance and insanity on Wirths face as he stormed that place. As a child watching this, I became hysterical and had many sleepless, tearful nights after that. Then in the 80’s when I tried to get them to help me to rescue many litters of kittens that were being stomped to death (for food) by laughing vietnamese people that had moved into the area, but as usual the rspca didn’t want to know about it. I could write a book about the terrible experiences I’ve had with this organisation NOT CARING. So no, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that they are now supporting puppy farms.

  34. julia richardson | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    RSPCA will never have my support either.

  35. Stuart | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    When I opened this excellent post, the first thing I saw was this banner headline ……

    Facebook thinks this site may be unsafe. If you’re not familiar with it, please provide feedback by marking it as spam (you’ll be brought back to Facebook).

    I have never seen a warning like this before, is it some new tactic to frighten people off reading it in case they catch a virus? If enough people report it as Spam, presumably it then gives FB the right to remove your spot on post?

  36. Rochelle Cornish | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    I love all animals especially dogs. Because I live in an apt. there was going to be a $500 deposit for a dog or cat & I couldn’t afford it BUT on the way back home I found a 3 month young puppy laying in the middle of an intersection bleeding and filthy. I went to the vet. & was told he was hit by a large vehicle and left there to die! His entire pelvic area was fractured. We talked our manager to waive the deposit so we kept it for years and now its in great shape and acts just like a puppy with all his energy. The RSPCA might as well do the same to other puppies as did the driver of the large vehicle. These animals are still living creatures and have the right to live with what they need just like we do. If we get a cold or need food we do whatever we need to but they can’t or can they speak for themselves. We have to. If they were taken to court, can you imagine how much $ they would owe?! RSPCA your brain is crumpled up. Apparently you don’t have a full deck on your shoulders. Do something about it.

  37. Trish | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    Well seems the rspca has to spend its 10 million profit somehow, and this way they come out looking on top and might get even MORE support! yay for them.

    I hope the poster does not apologize.

    If you are going to donate to a cause, donate to a private independent rescuer. If the rspca was doing their job properly, no one would need to do it privately!

  38. Jae | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    I’m with Stuart – FB covering their Ar$es with a brand new never before seen banner!
    As for the article… Keep it up!

  39. Miss B | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    interesting article and thank god someone is willing to stand up to this bullshit….

  40. Jackie | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    Well if the rspca shut down the puppy farms & byb, where would their profits come from?? Most dogs in the pound would come from pet shops/farms so if this was stopped, there would be very few dogs to rehome (I mean put down). There should be an investigation done on rspca to see where the money goes…… maybe they have invested in one of these new happy puppy play zones?? Just thinking out loud.

  41. Kathryn | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    Pfft! I lost any remnant of remaining respect for the profitable kill organisation that is the RSPCA after their dalliance with the DPI back in 2011 in the Jeparit Ponies mass slaughter of ponies who had been vet-cleared, paid for and adopted, and were just waiting transport to their new homes – yet still killed. I wonder – would the RSPCA ever support introduction of Oscar’s law into the legal system given the drop in income this would inadvertantly mean for them at the ‘tail-end’ of the horrific, unfathomable, cruel cycle??!!!???…..

    You have my 100% support Shel! Unveil the truths of this shameful organisation!

  42. Betty Reynolds | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    The RSPCA is ridiculous .. quite obvious the money is paramount rather than the welfare and proper care of animals ..Shame on you RSPCA

  43. Kay | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    I worked at a local council for a number of years, in that time when we had a hurt animal or something similar we would ring the RSPCA, their solution handle it ourselves ???? My opinion is that unless the RSPCA gets a media story, they are not interested in hurt, injured, or miss treated animals. I have for many years now told this story to everyone I can. The RSPCA care only for the $$$ they can get. Not what they are supposed to represent.

  44. Miranda | April 26, 2013 | Permalink

    with your argument above, any breeder can be considered to be a ‘puppy farm’?

  45. Muskrats | April 27, 2013 | Permalink

    As a “backyard breeder” of 20 years – like my mother for 20 years before – I find the high handed approach from Registered Breeders, Puppy Farms and the RSPCA arrogant, and not always in the best interests of a breed or individual animal.

    1. Registered Breeders…. We stopped dealing with them a long time ago when various members of the click insist on breeding your bitch a certain way – with a dog of their choice, etc. Many breeds now suffer from genetic faults bred in as a result of interbreeding “show winners” for the perfect dog in the ring. The problem is the “inferior” animals are often pushed out to where ever they can get the best $ value. AND don’t be misled it is about $$$. I had one family visit us to look a pups after being to a very reputable breeder. They had been horrified at the lack of space and dirty conditions where the puppies where housed. To top it off they were on a diet of arrowroot biscuits and cows milk. YES registered breeder in the show ring. I have heard many stories similar from visitors seeing our pups.

    2. Puppy Farms – enough said. How can dogs have their social and emotional needs met when they are kept under such intensive conditions.

    3.RSPCA…. They believe that there are enough strays and abandoned dogs that backyard breeders are just adding to the problem. People (like myself) buy a pure bred dog because of an expected set of characteristics – size, temperament, etc. I want a dog that I know how it is going to behave around children, other dogs, inside/outside etc. I know of two “RSPCA” dogs that passed all the testing but have snapped or been dominate in a family environment. (Both dogs looked liked they had parts of breeds known for this behavior – that in itself would have steered me away from the animal.

    We have only every had a single bitch at a time. She has been/is a much loved family dog. She may or may not have had a couple of litters after the age of 2 (if she is sound). Prospective new puppy owners are carefully screened to find out if they understand the breed, the expectations that come with ownership, the housing and fencing requirements, etc. etc. We have on multiple occasions suggested that they might look at another breed of flatly refuse to sell a pup. Many of our puppy owners stay in touch for a while emailing pics and anecdotes.

    In any barrel you will find a rotten apple (expect the puppy farm one – that barrel just stinks). Much like the EPA – the RSPCA are a antiquated, out dated dinosaur organisation that needs to be properly funded and grow some teeth.

  46. Kim Hollingsworth | April 30, 2013 | Permalink

    wow. Is there anyone out there who actually supports RSPCA?

  47. Miranda | May 1, 2013 | Permalink

    and yet you have on your ‘where do puppies come from?’ campaign, ‘A puppy mill or puppy farm is a large dog breeding facility created to mass produce puppies for profit.’?