1 comment to “A cause for celebration at the RSPCA NSW – or not”

  1. Carol Cornish | November 18, 2012 | Permalink

    If these stats are true wouldn’t it be greatly reduced if all the RSPCA joined forces with the animal rescue groups?

    After all isn’t that what the RSPCA are supposed to do, help all creatures great and small.

    Come on RSPCA, share your wealth to help the animals instead of filling your pockets with money. The government gives the RSPCA huge amounts ( millions actually) to help the animals. Share the money with the rescue groups to succeed in the reduction of killing.

    50% of animals are killed at the RSPCA and that’s way too many.

    This ratio could be reduced if they really do mean they want to help all creatures great and small.

    Animal groups rely 100% on public donations and the RSPCA get millions every year from the government. But it’s the rescue groups who are doing what the RSPCA are paid to do and DONT DO IT.

    Open your heart and your cheque account RSPCA and put a stop to this high amount of killing. — please.