2 comments to “RSPCA NSW ~ “Help us kill 500,000 cats””

  1. Pippa | September 8, 2012 | Permalink

    The RSPCA are a disgrace! They have obviously taken a leaf out of PETA’s manifesto.High Kill is the only way and doing the animals a favour. PETA does not believe anyone should own a companion animal. Shame on the RSPCA. Cat overpopulation is due to irrespondible humans who do not neuter their pets and also irresponsible humans who dump their unneutered pets which then produce a generation of unowned cats who are not socialised. I will NEVER donate to the RSPCA or any High Kill Shelter EVER. I am disgusted.

  2. Margaret | September 13, 2012 | Permalink

    Since I read this article from the paper a few days back I have been sniggering about the stupidity of such a suggestion. The pounds are so full that rescuers are tearing their hair out to save as many as they can. This clown suggests that we catch and/or trap more of them and take them to the pounds to be desexed and rehomed. What! was he drinking?! If the RSPCA couldn’t help but put down such a huge number last year then how is this going to work? Absolutely correct! the cats will be dead and anyone who falls for this rot will be helping to kill them by their own hand. Blacktown council was offered a TNR program. Did they jump at it? no. A well run TNR program is the only thing which can make a difference. The subject of so much killing is heartbreaking.