1 comment to “Blacktown bidding process in the spotlight”

  1. Emma Falzon | May 23, 2010 | Permalink

    I would like to sincerely give my full regards to the writer of this article as you have completely covered everything I have always said about Blacktown Pound. I am a big believer in the No Kill Policy and thoroughly encourage people to adopt rescue pets though I have long said to others that Blacktown Pound seriously needs to reconsider the way they rehome animals. Many people I know have been turned off by the bidding system as they don’t want to wait a week to find out if they “win” the dog they wanted and end up going elsewhere.
    I adopted one of my dogs from Blacktown pound a 6 month old PointerX he cost us around $300 he was not desexed and had obviously not had a health check as when we took him home he had kennel cough (luckily our other dog was fully vaccinated as he was 15 at the time). This would turn anyone off adopting from the pound again.
    The sadest thing I saw was a family who had adopted a beautiful LabradorX only to find out a week after adopting, vaccinating anddesexing him he had Parvo, the family spent over $1000 on him only for him to die a few days later, they then had him cremated aswell. I was one of the nurses at this clinic at the time and it was so sad, considering how contagious it is I can only assume other dogs in the facility caught it aswell.
    Blacktown surely must understand the amount of animal lovers looking for any type of work in the industry including volunteer work and this would provide them with enough support to keep these dogs in fantastic condition for their new family to be.