2 comments to “The people you want to empower, won’t help you kill”

  1. Margaret Dalziel | November 16, 2009 | Permalink

    It is a tragic state of affairs that in Victoria they have the means to approach this problem in an educated fashion and they have chosen not to. Since the killing has gone on year after year one would expect that some kind of progress would have been made by now yet by their own admission they say it has not.
    To encourage the general public to go out and trap cats is asking for trouble. Do they need a licence? Do they have skills in trapping? Do they understand how to do this in a humane way? Do they realize that female cats might be feeding kittens and this will condemn them to a slow death? Or in a lot of cases do they care?

    I met some people in the supermarket one day and they proudly told me the story of the cat they trapped and took to the pound. The cat was a male and had been attacking and bullying cats in the area but when I looked unhappy about the incident they assured me that the cat was ‘really feral’.
    One of the main reasons cats ‘bully’ and attack domestic owned cats is that they are following the food source and fighting for their share. Then there is the other part of the equation which is sex.

    It isn’t right to give people the power to trap an unfortunate animal and do with it what they will. Those that end up at the pound might be the lucky ones. It is dangerous and irresponsible to empower people with this kind of activity. As well as this there is always the risk that it might be an owned cat which is trapped and taken away. Just imagine if the person doing the trapping were not bothered to take it to the pound and dumped it in the bush instead. Do they really think this scenario is unlikely?

    In N.S.W. if you ring the council like I did and ask them what to do they tell you to hire a trap and take the cat to the pound. When I asked what happened then I was told ‘they put them out of their misery’. Oh really? Then when I enquired by letter at a later time if council were willing to contribute funds for desexing colony cats if we got a team of volunteers together and did some TNR I was told it was illegal to ‘put wild animals out there’ but that if I could get the team of volunteers to catch the cats then they would help with transport to the pound! Since I had already stated that we could not in all conscience be responsible for their deaths what kind of reply is that?

    How many cats have to lose their lives year after year when a simple solution is at hand to at least try!

  2. Kathleen Chapman | November 20, 2009 | Permalink

    Trap Desex and Return is the only effective, sustainable and compassionate way to control the population of free-living cats.
    The consequence of Trap and Kill is the “Vacuum Effect”, a phenomenon observed by British biologist Dr Roger Tabor in his studies of free-living cats. If cats are eradicated from an area, more cats come in to occupy the area. The outcome of Trap and Kill is an endless cycle of killing, population recovery and then more killing. Villifying free-living cats as an “invasive species”, and villifying the compassionate people who care for them, will do nothing to reduce the population.
    More information can be found in this excellent report by Dr Joan Carr: