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  1. Brian Pickering | December 28, 2008 | Permalink

    Hi Shel – hope you and the PetRescue team had a great Christmas.

    Shel, it’s interesting that the quoted ‘experts’ in your blog appear on a website owned by Pet Rescue! – (www.wheredopuppiescomefrom.com.au)

    But maybe that’s just a co-incidence? :-)

    Although I totally respect her, I’m surprised at Karen Bridge’s comments particularly Karen seems to suggest that having a litter of pups at home is the best/only/proper way to enjoy puppies or have them properly socialised!

    This totally contradicts everything about de-sexing that so many people encourage and flies in the face of others who say ‘only buy from a registered breeder’ it also contradicts all the rhetoric uttered about BYB’s (backyard breeders) and now seems to suggest that if all dog owners bred (and socialise ALL the 8 or so pups at home with no experience whatsoever in doing this) that the problem of dumped animals will simply ‘go away’.

    I guess this might be a stupid question but “if people only want to keep (say) 2 pups, what do they do with the others?”