2 comments to “Busting the holiday adoption myth”

  1. Tracey D | December 23, 2008 | Permalink

    I must say that I have a foster dog here that I am reluctant to advertise at this time. He is proving to be a little reluctant to learn most basic obedience and is not fully housetrained. He is however, extremely cute and totally photogenic.
    Based on previous adoption prospect calls for other dogs I have fostered (and adopted out), I don’t think I’m actually ready to field the calls for my current baby yet… *grin*

  2. Tatelina | December 23, 2008 | Permalink

    I always find it interesting how my own opinons always jump out straight away when I hear of something I don’t agree with…but then if I take the time to consider things from a different perspective, I find that my thinking was often over the top and unnecessary, and definetly stuck in old ways of thinkings. Not to mention with the crowd, and following what the general consensus thinks is correct, as apposed to my own researched and thought out descisions.
    Your blogs always have valid points. Thanks for continuing to type!